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The Apréli@ e-twinning enables remote classes to take part in joint educational activities, each class preparing, in collaboration with their partners, a Digital Travel Diary in their partners' world and environment.

The Apréli@ e-twinning is an African initiative that implements the use of ICT adapted to African educational needs. The intention is to develop innovative teaching practices focused on promoting active learning pedagogies centered on the learner who perceived as a citizen in development in the global village.

The Apréli@ e-twinning pilot phase took place in 2011-2012 in partnership with CONFEMEN (Conference of Ministers of Education who share the use of the French language) and TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa).

This site contains resources that classes participating in e-twinning Apréli@ can use and to which they can contribute.

Taking into account the pilot year evaluation results and the lessons learned, we have made minor changes to the files. The modified files were put online in early October 2012.

In addition, we have developed a set of resources for teacher educators. To access these, click on the 'Teacher Educator's Resources' button below.

We hope that these resources meet the needs of teacher educators and teachers who involved their classes in the rich experience of the e-twinning activities.

We thank all those of you who are willing to share your appreciation of these resources. All your contributions will be very most valuable to help to improve the resources continuously and collectively.

We wish you all many rich and friendly exchanges, and great satisfactions both professionally and personally.

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Educational resources of e-twinning @ Apréli are under Creative Commons license level 5:
paternity, not commercial use, sharing the same initial conditions

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